Reel Horror Film Festival

The Reel Horror Film Festival is back, adding another horrific element to Australia’s most epic Halloween event.

The film with the most likes on YouTube will take home the "People's Choice" award, so check out this year's finalists and like your favourite for this chance to win!

Voting closes 12pm (AEST) on Friday 28th October 2016.

The Whistler

After a day out at the park with her friend, Jessie discovers that she has misplaced her phone. Upon using her friend's mobile to call her own there is a strange answer on the other end. She decides her phone is a lost cause and heads home. When Jessie arrives home she finds her phone lying in the middle of her bed, right where she left it! This is where the night begins...

The Blue House

The movie is based on a blue house left with a spirit, two friends go to see it for themselves to find out it was a mistake going there.


A lonely costume designer working within a dark theatre begins hearing bumps in the night upon the arrival of a bubble-wrapped mannequin.


The A woman with unresolved issues from her past is invited to recapture her party ways with old friends but the night takes a disturbing and terrifying turn when her ghosts refuse to let her forget...

The Rake

Despite seeing a newspaper clipping regarding a strange, human-like creature spotted in their local area, Tyler and his friend Ned go ahead with their plans to graffiti a nearby drain at night. When a blood curdling shriek echoes throughout the dark tunnels, the two boys regret their ignorant mistake.