Experience the horror out of the mazes!

Experience the horror out of the mazes! If you had nothing to hide, you should have had nothing to fear as you experienced the horror in and out of the mazes in the immersive scare precincts at Warner Bros. Movie World Fright Nights.

Dark Arts

The world you once knew was infested by creatures of unnatural means. Practitioners of the Dark Arts descended on Main Street and were looking for unwilling victims to fuel their blood magic rituals. Guests fell victim to their seductive lure, and make no mistake they meant harm to those they encountered.

The Evil Within 2

From the twisted mind of master horror director Shinji Mikami came this years most anticipated sequel - The Evil Within 2. Guests stepped into a living nightmare and got a taste of real survival horror as they tried to find their way past Stefano's creation to reach relative safety on the other side. Guests were forewarned as this route to the maze precinct was not for the faint of heart.

Gothic Hall

Were you ready?

Guests who had everything to hide, and everything to fear this Fright Nights were able to escape the non-stop scares and screams at Gothic Hall, the only place guests could seek refuge. A space where light and sound met to create a completely unique sensory experience.