Mazes & Shows

Were you driven out by the fear you kept inside?

Warner Bros. Movie World Fright Nights returned in October with two new mazes and the return of your favourites. If you had nothing to hide, you had nothing to fear.

Did you have what it took to survive the most horrific line-up of mazes ever? Or did you go one further and immerse yourself into a world of blood magic as you witnessed the impossible as master illusionist Matt Hollywood caused chaos and ritual sacrifices in the all new, Bloodlust Dark Magic ritual.


Bloodlust – Dark Magic

Guests dared to enter the world of blood magic and witnessed the impossible as the Executioner summoned the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse in an illusion show spectacular. Guests watched as he performed ritual sacrifices to bring forth the end of days and death defying illusions with a twisted edge, starring master illusionist Matt Hollywood.



The game was simple, the best ones are, if you wanted mercy, you had to play by the rules…
A mysterious madman rounded up his group of victims to play sadistic games of life or death. Guests stepped inside the most disturbing house of torture yet as they got one last chance at redemption, if you wanted mercy you had to play the game of survival. You know what happens if you don’t follow the rules, live or die it was up to you.


Every Legend is based on fact, every myth is grounded in truth. This year pure evil was released once more as Michael Myers came home to kill again. On a night where evil roamed the streets, and a mad man ruled the night, guests were thrust into a world of pure evil as reality was brought to life. You knew his name, and you know what he came to do, so guests should have stayed away from Haddonfield if they wanted to survive the night.

From Dusk Till Dawn Maze

Your bank robbery went wrong, you kidnapped a family, made a deal with a devil cartel and entered a bar that really SUCKED...
When the sun went down, you didn’t even bother looking for trouble, trouble found you. The women were hot, the dancing was better and the music was loud, but how did you survive in a bar where their favourite drink was you?

The Conjuring 2 Maze

Were you brave enough to survive this year, or were you driven out by the horrors lurking inside? An ominous presence was felt by us all and some strange occurrences were taking place inside. People who entered didn’t come out the same. Very few were strong enough to resist the impressing spirit taking over their mind and body. If you were one of the strong ones they wouldn’t have wanted you in their presence. It was their house...their park... and unless you submitted, you weren’t welcome.